profile_picI first started blogging about the wine industry back in 2005. Staying on top of all of the regulatory changes was extremely important in my role leading the Compliance and Product groups at ShipCompliant. Wine shipping laws were changing extremely rapidly back then, following the Granholm decision.

Fast forward 12 years and so much has changed. I’ve since moved on from ShipCompliant, but my love for the industry remains. I especially love asking the question why. Why does that law exist? Why did they write it that way?  Who was behind it? What were the motivations?

Those questions translate really well to the cannabis industry. Will we learn from all of the lessons that came from the beverage alcohol journey? Or will we take the most politically expedient route to get laws passed and hope there’s time and will to go back and tweak laws after they’re enacted? The pace of change for cannabis is staggering right now, so it’s a good time to keep track of everything that’s happening.

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